Have you ever deliberated between free standing and built in wardrobes? Do actually understand the difference between the two? Keep reading to find out why built in wardrobes in Hull are the best option for you.

Free standing wardrobes more than likely need to be delivered all in one piece or assembled on site, which means that it comes with a lot of difficulties. One of them being that the free standing wardrobe may not fit through your front door or not being able to put it together properly. Also, when the built in wardrobe is in place, there are no set guaranties that it will fit in with the style and décor of your bedroom. Opposed to this, you could go built-in wardrobes in Hull as these come with an array of benefits that you don’t reap from a free standing unit.

Built-in, fitted wardrobes in Hull from us at Yorkshire Bedrooms are custom made to your specifications. The wardrobes can be made to fit in a variety of spaces including rooms that have low, high or angled ceilings.

Our made to measure wardrobes in Hull are able to be placed in a space that won’t fit a standalone option. This means that your room has more space and also gives you more design freedom.

Convinced now that built-in, fitted wardrobes are better than free standing ones? Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can transform your room with sliding or fitted built in wardrobes in Hull.