Serving in the heart of Hull, City of Culture 2017 – here at Yorkshire Bedrooms we offer 3 different type of wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobes:
Sliding wardrobes are a brilliant style feature with matched practicality for any bedroom. Sliding wardrobes boast a modern and clean style to them and are great attention grabbers. Mixing textures and colours is a great option to achieve a great look and also incorporating mirrors is a perfect way to make a bedroom seem bigger and brighter. Sliding wardrobes can even be design and installed by us for garages, kitchens, bathrooms etc.

Fitted Wardrobes:
Fitted wardrobes are the more traditional style of wardrobes which feature hinged doors. Fitted wardrobes may be traditional however can still be modern and contemporary. Again, the use of high gloss vs wood enables to create a more sophisticated and modern look.

Supply-Only Wardrobes:
Our Supply-Only option is perfect for those clients that would prefer to install the wardrobes themselves. We can still design sliding wardrobe doors or fitted wardrobes for yourself, however you install them yourself.

We design all of our wardrobes to your requirements and wants. Whether it be an ‘L’ shaped wardrobe unit or slanted ceilings – we are able to deliver your dream wardrobes. Contact us today to arrange a design consultation with our wardrobes specialists here in Hull.

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